program components

For Teachers

classroom kits

A Classroom Kit is a box set that contains one of each physical item needed to execute Trackers in a classroom. Three kits (Startup/Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3) are needed to teach each 40-lesson year (nine kits total for the three-year curriculum). You will want to order one kit for every teaching classroom in your ministry.

A kit contains:

  • A Leader Guide
  • DVD of animated videos (+ access to .mp4s on the Digital Hub)
  • Large Challenge Poster Set
  • Worship Album (+ access to the .mp3s on the Digital Hub)
  • Small Teaching Posters
  • Student Activity
  • Student Take Home Cards
  • Lyric and Hand Motion videos for worship (accessible on the Digital Hub only)
  • The Farm Talk Podcast (accessible on the Digital Hub only)

Prefer digital? No problem! The full spectrum of curriculum materials, including the Leader Guides, Teaching Posters, Student Activity Pages, Take Home Cards, and Challenge Posters are also available online with paid access to the Fully Digital Experience.

leader's guide

The Leader Guide contains scripted teaching for both large group and classroom leaders. This allows newer Christians and newer volunteers to deliver important messages with little room for error while giving experienced teachers a simple outline on which to build.


Each DVD set contains a three- to five-minute animated video per week. In the videos, the characters tee up the Bible story that will be discussed in the lesson.

worship album

Seedbed Kids has partnered with Seeds Family Worship to create a worship album full of songs that correspond to the memory verses for each lesson. We recommend that each week’s worship includes the song with memory verse from the week before, the song with the memory verse from that week, and the song with the memory verse for the week following. Trackers branded lyric slides with hand motions for students will be available at no additional charge on the Digital Hub once a kit or fully digital experience has been purchased.

large challenge poster set

The Startup/Part 1 kit contains 16, 17”x22” Challenge posters that will be used across the 40 lessons of the program to teach Challenges and serve as room decoration. Classroom Kits 2 and 3 do not contain large Challenge posters.

Note: In for Life of Discipleship (Year 3), Challenge Posters are divided into in each Classroom Kit part.

small teaching posters

The teaching each week calls on different scriptures and other references that we’ve translated to 8.5”x11” teaching posters. This serves as an easy way to involve students as volunteers, as well as engage students who may be more visual learners. These posters come in a perforated book for easy tear-out and use and are coded to match their reference in the lesson.

For Students

student activity sheets

Student Activity Sheets are occasionally used as primary component of the Activity Time part of the lesson, but more often than not serve to round out the lesson and give students a complementary activity to complete while they wait for their parents. Common activities include word searches, coloring scenes from the videos, writing out the memory verse, and recalling the Challenges.

student take home cards

Instead of a piece of paper that will get wadded up and trampled in the floor of the car right after class is over, these thick 5”x7” cards fit perfectly in a recipe box and are designed as keepsake or “artifact” cards. Each card includes a memorable image from the animated video, the week’s memory verse, an overview of the story students learned that week, and three Bible trivia/catechesis questions to help students build their Bible memory and parents to engage with students around the nuts and bolts of the lesson.

weekly character podcast

In developing this curriculum, we talked with a lot of parents and children’s ministry leaders and one theme was always recurring: there’s still not a great solution for family discipleship. Parents want to be able to help disciple their children, but don’t want to admit they don’t know how. If they don't totally recall the details of the story their kids learned in the lesson, or don't know how it was framed, it can be hard to successfully navigate a meaningful family conversation on the topic. Enter: The Farm Talk Podcast.

The Farm Talk Podcast is an added bonus to the Trackers curriculum—as in, it's totally free! By downloading and playing the weekly podcast, families can spend their drive home from church (or trip to school, or soccer practice, or piano lesson, or anywhere-travel that week) hearing from the barn crew as they recap the story, take a call from a listener, and tell more than a few farm jokes. It's the perfect way to create common ground between parents and children and spark conversation around the big idea of the lesson that week.

Check it out here!