A High View of Children

The Trackers curriculum is intentionally designed with a high view of children because we believe that children are capable of extraordinary, faithful discipleship when given the right tools. They understand the truth of Scripture and how they can apply it to their lives—often with more conviction and authenticity than adults. While Trackers uses simple vocabulary to tell the story, the concept of grace, the character of God, and the Old Testament/New Testament connection isn’t watered down.

In addition to robust teaching, the curriculum also acknowledges the varied learning styles and attention spans that children bring to the classroom. As you explore each lesson, you’ll notice a number of learning techniques in play ranging from repetition, memorization, and mnemonics to hands-on activities, the acting out of stories, and the singing of songs. This is by design. To effectively absorb and begin to internalize these stories and what they mean for us as followers of Jesus Christ, we need to meet students wherever they might be on the learning spectrum.

It’s our prayer that, if nothing else, these lessons move your students, their parents, and even your volunteers toward a deeper, richer understanding of the love of God and the relationship He desires with each of us. Look for the thread of Jesus that’s woven all throughout the Old Testament narrative. While we can often default to telling these stories in a seemingly isolated way, the important thing to remind students is that it’s God’s love, grace, and mercy that give these stories their significance. Jesus came to earth, lived a perfect life, and died on the cross to bridge the chasm created by original sin. All we can hope is that each of us continues to be reminded of the magnitude of that sacrifice and that we tell the story over and over again to the next generation.