how it works

Planting Seeds

The program begins in the same way every time, with worship music provided through partnership with Seeds Family Worship. We recommend that each week’s worship includes the song with the memory verse from the week before, the song with the memory verse from that week, and the song with the memory verse for the week following. Trackers-branded lyric slides with hand motions for students will be available at no additional charge on the Digital Hub.

From there, the lesson will move into a series of Challenges, which will assist the children in learning the books of the Bible, in order, and what they are about.

After this, they will participate in fun lessons about various Trackers of the Bible. The instruction will not only emphasize the story but also provide practical application for the children. This section of the lesson is called Planting Seeds.

Watering Seeds

The lesson will then move to the review and application section called Watering Seeds. In this section, the teacher will select fun review activities, as well as activity pages based on the age group of the students. Our program consists of three age levels: Level A, appropriate for grades K–2; Level B, appropriate for grades 3–4; and Level C, appropriate for grades 5–6.

With that in mind, all of these Watering Seeds elements are flexible in the event that students may respond better to the activity for one of the other age levels. In some cases, combining the activities for multiple levels might work best for the group.

The Trackers program may be used in a single-classroom teaching model or in a large-group/small-group teaching. model. If the single-classroom teaching model is being implemented, the teacher will go through the whole lesson with the class. If the large-group/small-group model is being implemented, all the children will go through the Planting Seeds sections together, then the students will divide into age-level small groups and continue through the Watering Seeds section.