What sets trackers apart

Old testament to new testament evidence

Throughout each lesson, connections between the Old and New Testament are made. Students understand that what they are learning is not just an ancient story, but the truth of God and a powerful force for their own lives. Students are consistently shown the connection between the Old and the New Testaments and are pointed to the truth that Jesus is found throughout the entire Bible.

Evidence of grace

Throughout the program, students are exposed to the truth of God’s grace, balanced with a call to holiness. The program reveals the importance of biblical knowledge, biblical response, and biblical application. Each lesson is written to encourage the student to personally relate to Biblical stories being studied, to learn from the mistakes those characters made, and to receive the same degree of grace and redemption revealed throughout the scriptures.

biblical memory work

Each week, the students are exposed to a memory verse. This verse is reviewed in the lesson, in review activities, and/or in the student activity sheets. Additional memory work happens each week as the students learn and memorize a series of twelve challenges, which are added in a progressive manner over the course of the year. This can be reinforced at home through our various Church-Home Connection tools.

teacher support

Often times children’s ministry volunteers lack basic biblical knowledge and even more frequently, don’t have much familiarity with actually teaching children in a classroom context. Trackers lessons come with a verbatim script that ensures that regardless of experience level, any volunteer can capably teach a strong, formative lesson on scripture.

age appropriate content and differentiation

Trackers acknowledges the importance of age-appropriate content and grade-level differentiation. While the format of the program is flexible, it was originally designed to be used within a large group/small group context. The basic lesson is the same for all grades, and teaching techniques have been included to help keep the attention of elementary students of all ages. These techniques include repetition, rote memory, role play, learning through games and friendly competition, and the application of music. The lesson then moves to the review and application section. In this section, the teacher will lead fun review activities, as well as activity pages based on the age group of the students.

church home connection tools

We acknowledge that Christian discipleship should take place primarily at home. With this in mind, we have tools in place to assist parents in teaching their children the truth of the Scriptures. Weekly collectible take home cards give an overview of the week’s lesson and memory verse. The Barn Crew hosts the Farm Talk Podcast that parents can play on the ride home from church to reinforce the Bible story and open the door to further life-changing conversation and shared learning experiences.

special features

The curriculum kit features fun video components, a worship album and branded lyric slides, printed graphic helps, three levels of student activity sheets, poster resources, weekly parent resource cards, weekly creative podcast review, and lesson extenders with creative ideas to further each lesson. All components of the curriculum are also available digitally.